About Rita's Fish Shop

The business started off with Rita’s Fish Shop, which was named by Vincent after his wife. In the past, they were mere fishermen who sold fish in the fish market located in Valletta.

In 1980 they started fishing following their families’ previous works. This primary industry later on evolved into a secondary industry in 1990. This happened over a period of two years in order to support a growing family. At first this started as a small local fish shop situated in Marsaxlokk employing two workers. There were found through family connections and consisted of family relatives. Apart from these workers, there were also included the owners, Rita and Vincent Gafa’.

Today, given the new methods of transportation we found it possible to import and export various fish overseas. In these modern times changes had to be made in order to uphold the business due to the requirements, which included sanitary conditions for both the workers and the preservation of fresh and frozen foods. 

In 2006 we introduced a new shop in Gzira, namely after the old one, managed by the owner’s eldest daughter. After the inclusion of the second shop, Gafa` Fisheries was created. It was at this time that we started supplying to catering businesses, managed by the owner's youngest daughter who has proposed delivery services all over the country.

In the future, we wish to expand the business with various shops throughout Malta, in order to provide fresh fish all over the island.